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    xenforo issue re clearing cookies

    Ok. Perhaps the message could also helpfully say "you are now logged out. Please log back in." or some such. As it was, it just said I had to enable cookies and left me wondering how to enable cookies at that point. Usually when you get an error message you get an obvious route to proceed.
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    Multiple password confusion

    I am going to express an opinion here, by way of questions, based on incomplete understanding, but that's deliberate. I tried to import my sqrl id into the firefox and chrome extensions in Linux, but I couldn't get them to work as a way of registering for this forum. The problem was with the...
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    Can't disassociate

    I did have problems with the chrome and firefox extensions so maybe I should start a new thread.
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    Can't disassociate

    I'm resurrected! This forum was the only place I used the original sqrl id so it can remain history.