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  • New Wordpress Plug-In Forum

    Just a note that we have a new forum to contain discussions relating to the Wordpress plug-in which Daniel Persson originated and has been making great progress on. You'll find it under "Server-Side Solutions."

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    GRC's SQRL Client for Windows, v1.0: Released

    Do you mean when you were retyping the recovery key after having printed or written it down? Yes. so feel free to send a picture if you could Didn't take screenshot, I made a second attempt at creating the identity, got a new recovery code, and it worked the 2nd time. I still have the recovery...
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    GRC's SQRL Client for Windows, v1.0: Released

    The first identity I created couldn't be verified. It would let me type the first 7 digits, but the 8th digit, it didn't accept. When I saved it to a file and verify, Sqrl client said it wasn't valid. I have since created a new Identity and it works now. Just pointing it out.