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  • New Wordpress Plug-In Forum

    Just a note that we have a new forum to contain discussions relating to the Wordpress plug-in which Daniel Persson originated and has been making great progress on. You'll find it under "Server-Side Solutions."

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    Logging and diagnostics

    I think we've reached a point where there needs to be a list of options people do or don't want, and a UI to allow/disallow them. I envision a framework where a SQRL app could integrate into it which would allow things like: 1. Indicate to your other devices which device is currently in use...
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    Forum register page

    Yeah, I think that is a consequence of how the plugin works? In essence two parts of the screen provided by two different plugins (maybe one of which ships built in.) I did do this, some time ago, but I agree this is a band-aid and not a fix...
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    Awaiting feedback High DPI rendering

    Yeah, I think @Steve does layout calculations once, at the beginning, before opening the window. I don't know how Windows works in this aspect, but hopefully it sends a message to an app saying "you need to redo your calculations because the DPI changed."
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    Login History

    I feel like you're playing both sides of the street. On the one side you think SQRL is DOA because __x__. On the other side you say do people really want __x__. I think people would really like it to just work, without them ever having to use their brain even once. "Just work and just keep...
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    Another advantage of SQRL

    In a word, yes. The sites are not going to directly track you with your IDK. They're going to associate that with their internal tracking ID and map one to the other whenever you sign in. In their view you are therefore the same person everywhere, no matter how they convinced you to authenticate.
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    Another advantage of SQRL

    The reverse of this is true also. If you were to move your site (or it's authentication URL) for any reason (say you got booted from your host, and you moved from to then it would be broken for SQRL and it would not for standard hashed userID and password.
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    A list of SQRL-enabled WordPress sites: add yours here

    No offense, but this seems pointless. I'm not going to your site just because you have SQRL enabled.
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    Proposal to address the question raised during Gothenburg, Sweden Meetup about preventing a DDOS from computationally cheap SQRL clients

    I think the answer here is up to the server, if it believes a client is being too big of pain in the buttocks then it can penalize that client more and more. At some point it would stick it on a list of bad actors, which it could eventually expire out of. If the bad actor keeps moving to...
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    Login History

    I can, but it requires hosting your own server for it, or more likely, trusting a third party for that purpose.
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    Proposal to address the question raised during Gothenburg, Sweden Meetup about preventing a DDOS from computationally cheap SQRL clients

    My two cents worth would be that there could be an eventual extension to the protocol, or even outside of it that the server could optionally challenge the client with a proof of work to continue. That way, if the server doesn't feel under attack of any kind, then it can proceed as it always...
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    Login History

    This has nothing to do with the protocol. It has everything to do with the client having a memory. The popular belief, among the SQRL leadership is that the client should not have a memory for a number of reasons, most specifically the KISS principle. Others would be free to build a SQRL...
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    Pending fix CPS on multi segment Paths

    I believe your issue is that you should not be escaping the & in this case. Athough if you have it mostly working, maybe not... Still, you don't need to escape it in that case, so that would me one less thing that could go wrong.
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    SSP API ISAPI download

    Steve's implementation is for Windows, and that is why he is not making it readily available for anyone. He delivers it as a Windows virtual machine image, which means potential licensing issues. It wouldn't really be suitable for Docker, I don't think.
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    libpam module not compiling

    I think it's early days for that code yet, cause I see some hard coding, such as: displayQRCode("sqrl://", true);
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    libpam module not compiling

    Can you provide the link to the source of the code. I assume it's a project on Daniel's github, but I don't want to make assumptions. Also this discussion probably belongs elsewhere than under the Android app... for now, failing anywhere better, under the development topic.