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    WARNING New Firefox feature WILL break SQRL

    Yes, it doesn't appear like they intend to fix the issue, near as I can tell. I can't be personally bothered to fight that fight with them, I've had my bug reports buried too many times before.
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    Installed on new LT, multiple issues

    Additionally, if you make even one single mistake while using it, it will be cleared and the full password will be required. You do NOT get any second chances with the quick password.
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    SQRL for existing accounts

    Any account you ever create is in one of three states. 1) You're new there. They don't know you as you've never been there before. You make some assertions about who you are and you create an account. 2) You've returned. They don't know you're you, but you assert that you are, and you provide...
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    WARNING New Firefox feature WILL break SQRL

    Okay, but it's probably NOT Javascript, so that was what I was wondering. I suspect there is something particular going on related to Javascript or something.
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    WARNING New Firefox feature WILL break SQRL

    Are you directly linking to the Emby server (i.e. manually entering a URL into the browser)? SQRL uses Javascript to access the port 25519 localhost URL and I assume it is some part of that this causing the problem. If you capture the URL and manually enter it, it will cause SQRL to prompt you...
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    WARNING New Firefox feature WILL break SQRL

    I am running Firefox 84 and nothing has changed, near as I can tell... it's still broken.
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    WARNING New Firefox feature WILL break SQRL

    In a word or two: Yes, it would be a bad idea to do that. The longer reason why it's a bad idea: The only way to use a self-signed certificate is if the key is installed in the clear. (Yes you can encrypt it, but then you need to store the encryption password in the clear. It is a physical...
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    SQRL http connection to localhost

    Yes, it already has if you use the new feature, but according to @shanedk Firefox is going to fix the current breakage. I already posted about this: We need to make sure the browser designers understand that...
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    WARNING New Firefox feature WILL break SQRL

    Thanks for the info @shanedk . Here's hoping they actually do manage to get it fixed. I am fast losing faith in Mozilla to do anything like the right thing any more. :cautious:
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    WARNING New Firefox feature WILL break SQRL

    Firefox recently implemented (and even promoted) a new feature for HTTPS Only mode. This feature stupidly applies to localhost connections, which will break the SQRL client connection. @Steve should probably mention this on the podcast. Other people should report feedback to Firefox to let...
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    QR Scan problem and solution.

    I'm unsure what you expected Iain, but you were in the process of importing a user ID that was exported from another client. Using the import option is what you should have done, and it appears it did work for you, so I'm unsure what you're reporting here?
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    Cannot reproduce This forum's "tick" box options on older browsers

    Sorry Scott, but the answer is "it is what it is." This forum software is a commercial product, so if you wish, you could look around on XenForo's support site for any support, but as for changes around here, that likely isn't going to happen. @Steve is pretty detached from these forums these...
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    SQRL implemented in Gluu w/ CASA?

    Sounds interesting, but we need someone with dev experience on this platform to answer if it would be possible, and hopefully, if it is possible, to write the code, or to refactor some existing code. (It looks to me like CASA plugins are written in Java, there is Java code out there in the form...
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    Disable / Enable Sqrl Identity

    It's been a long time since I looked at the Javascirpt but my memory has it that the Javascript polls the client, and this is the signal the client uses to know the "back channel" is available/established. Without the back channel, the client is without its anti-spoof protection.
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    Improve readability of wp login dialog

    IMHO the ideal approach would be for SQRL to be on it's own page, with helpful links and explanations (and thus moving the "pinging" Javascript off the main landing page.) Since you only ever register for a site once, it's silly to have more than a link to a register page IMHO. What would be...