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    Just a note that we have a new forum to contain discussions relating to the Wordpress plug-in which Daniel Persson originated and has been making great progress on. You'll find it under "Server-Side Solutions."

  1. Paul F

    Login History

    That is a very important point. If you rekey two devices separately then each device causes a different website to rekey to it, it will take major surgery on the identity files with the help of a SQRLmeister to fix things. And if it can happen it will happen.
  2. Paul F

    Using the SQRL Transaction Information Flags (tif=)

    Sorry, which "that" are you referring to?
  3. Paul F

    Using the SQRL Transaction Information Flags (tif=)

    Thanks for your response. What's important is that "externally" clients and servers interact the same way. The three status bits: IDK Match PIDK Match and SQRL Disabled are contentious ones. In response to a Query command, they have to be correct for the client to know how to proceed. In...
  4. Paul F

    Using the SQRL Transaction Information Flags (tif=)

    The SQRL Spec describes the TIF bits but does not establish a standard way to create or interpret the composite tif=value in the protocol. I have made a flowchart based on GRC's reference SSP API that SQRL servers can follow to create compatible TIF values, and clients can use to parse them. I...
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    Remove identity

    It is deliberately omitted:
  6. Paul F

    Missing identity identifier

    This newsgroup message may be relevant to this discussion:
  7. Paul F

    Server Implementation Documentation

    There is a preliminary Linux "C" translation of Steve's SSP API described here: if that interests you.
  8. Paul F

    Do I also need a web browser plugin if I have GRCs client installed?

    Here's something from the newsgroup that might help.
  9. Paul F

    Release v0.7.0

    @kalaspuffar 1. On a login, the server returns tif=5 for cmd=query, correctly indicating an identity match. On the subsequent cmd=ident, the user is logged in but the server returns tif=4. It should return tif=5. 2. The server's sin=0 parameter is missing its \r\n.
  10. Paul F

    Release v0.6.3

    If there is an x=n path extension it needs to be included in the qry= parameter of the server's response.
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    SQRL Compatiblity with Wordpress, etc.

    The SQRL login appears to be missing the content length in its responses. Content Length is being reported as 0 or -1.
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    Which password should we use

    Um... and how would you go about checking a portion of the rescue code?
  13. Paul F

    Videos demonstrating SQRL

    As it happens the SQRL protocol doesn't require a password. That's an implementation option for the client. The password can be null. If you want to remove the password from your identity file you can use this program . It will be hosted there for 7 days. Select...
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    Possible SQRL Windows Client minor bug

    Right-click on the SQRL "tray" icon. Select Manage SQRL. Select Backup / Export Identity. Select Store In File. Save to a USB Thumb Drive. It's known behaviour, see . The file itself is not locked and can be deleted, but the USB is still 'in use'. The USB...
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    Password window closes in 2-3 seconds without user interaction

    If you know how to modify the Windows Registry you can disable screen darkening by resetting bit 0 of the registry value at HKCU\Software\Gibson Research\SQRL OptionSettings. i.e. subtract 1 from its current value. Addendum: This takes effect only after exitting and restarting the SQRL client.