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    OpenAPI spec

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    OpenAPI spec

    This translation of GRC's Windows-MASM version into Linux-C may interest you:
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    Linux Testing Feedback

    Ah, yes, you have to right-click on the page. It's not in the menu toolbar. And then you have to go into pagesync.js. Good work! I shouldn't have been so quick to blame Linux. Except it was presumably Linux's fault that Steve had to disable the sqrl:// handling in the first place :) .
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    Linux Testing Feedback

    And here it is: Thanks very much @ahauser for looking into this! How do you get the javascript dump? Can you see why it works when you open the signin button in a new tab?
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    Linux Testing Feedback

    I'll just add that Google Chrome behaves the same way. Also, as you suspect, if the SQRL client is running and listening to localhost:25519, it will run in CPS mode and present the login dialog box without needing to be invoked with the SQRL:// URL
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    Linux Testing Feedback

    If you are referring to: Linux/Ubuntu is broken. See
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    Linux Testing Feedback

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    Autorun bug and feature request "print to PDF file"

    This newsgroup posting from 2017 provides some background on the autorun feature: As far as I can tell, the HKCU\...\Run entry was subsequently replaced with a flag bit (0x2) in the REG_DWORD "OptionSettings" at HKCU\software\gibson research\sqrl. The bit...
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    Extra parameters in sqrl:// link

    An earlier version of the SQRL Spec ( ) states the following: Any OTHER server data: Due to the fact that login session-state information is being placed onto a web page where it is then taken up by an SQRL authenticator, the value of any other token the...
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    First steps in getting started on a SQRL server

    If you base64url-decode the last three you get client data: ver=1 cmd=query idk=V0idH0dikykbAZ7PE9QnhAuiLgJtQN2hTDwvsbMccaI opt=suk server data: (initially, the sign-in button URL) sqrl:// identity signature: ( 64bytes)...
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    SQRL and self-sign certificates

    Yes. The SSP API Demo uses self-signed certificates. See . You can generate a self-signed certificate here: .
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    Dealing with hardlock when user account is linked to more than one SQRL id

    And a Linux/C translation of Steve's Windows/MASM SSP API which includes MSA is hosted here: .
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    Drupal integration, issue with GRC's client

    Try this: Download Extract from it sqrl-CLIENT-SIDE-LOGGING.exe and put it with your GRC sqrl.exe file ( probably in C:\Program Files (x86)\GRC ) If sqrl.exe is running, exit from it then from a command prompt in that directory run...
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    Test vectors

    You must have missed my original post in the newsgroup: (I'm not bothering with two .zip files any more. The 32-bit .exe is sufficient).
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    Test vectors

    If you just run the program it creates and runs a sample SqrlVect.txt file which shows you all the types of "vectors" it can generate. I started with items on the SQRL-Client-Crypto chart and have been adding others of interest , such as the SQRL-specific base 56 encoding.