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    Videos demonstrating SQRL

    Great job! Thanks
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    OH MY GOD!!

    Jeff, should definitely charge something for the app. Just like you should at some point for enterprise implementation
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    FYI Problems onboarding Testflight users.

    Hi Jeff, I changed my password and was scanning the QR code from when I had the old password (a mistake of paper misplacement), I went to the Windows desktop app and scan the QR code from there and it all worked. I have now destroyed the Old QR code. So, I am confirming it was my mistake and...
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    FYI Problems onboarding Testflight users.

    Hi to all, Got my invite minutes ago. I was able to install the app and start it. Here a couple of thought (just trying to be constructive, not criticizing). 1. On first use, it is not evident that the SQRL Identity needs to be created or imported. 2. Once I figured that the SQRL Identity...