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    Good idea! After Trip Report and Future

    Yes, I am very patiently waiting for SpinRite 6.1. Just need those speed increases for those massive 8 and 10Tb drives. Maybe a Christmas surprise? (I can hope, right? It is the season after all)
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    Oracle could make use of SQRL considering the flaws with their system

    The flaw? It will allow you to sign up with a 20+ character password with multiple different characters such as commas, underscores, etc but when you try to log in to the site with said password, it will not let you log in at all. Something is failing somewhere whether it is the length or...
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    Going v1.0.0 with breaking changes

    Seems to me that adding the upgrade to the plugin install would be fairly straight forward. If the previously mentioned prefixes do not exist, run these commands to change them. Remove the possibility of it breaking for some random person using the plugin. Better safe than sorry I think.
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    Android v1.1.0

    Works great so far.
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    The forums are cake on mobile

    I'm not sure if these forums are mobile friendly by default or if some kind of plugin is being used, but whatever the case they are phenomenal on mobile where most every other forum I've ever tried to use on mobile was so painful that i usually gave up.
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    Final Weeks of Pre-Release Tracking

    I don't think that's a bug. Any Windows application will display the extension on the file name when first prompted to save and if you change the name, you have to also add the extension back
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    Is it acceptable for the mobile client to be the primary?

    Yeah, I took care of all the backup and codes first thing. A copy in safe deposit box and another in a home safe with no reference as to what it is. It's actually mixed in with some other stuff so to the casual home invader who somehow accesses it, it'll mean nothing. Thanks for the replies!
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    Is it acceptable for the mobile client to be the primary?

    Basically my title. I think I'll work primarily on the android client. Is that considered acceptable or is it recommended to use multiple clients on multiple platforms for some reason I'm not thinking of (other than redundancy.)
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    How do you install on your own server?

    Oh I'm aware of using keys - it's what I do. But to make this work with SQRL would be pretty damn cool.
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    How do you install on your own server?

    How amazing will this be.
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    Android v1.0.0

    First sign in and site register.