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    A list of SQRL-enabled WordPress sites: add yours here

    These seems to be the only one still working just fine.
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    Websites using SQRL

    I agree, websites not setup by Steve don't seem to work for me, only the Steve ones are allowing creation and login painless... the others don't even work, just give errors. I'm not seeing these adopted anywhere yet, I think I will need to setup a wordpress blog, to see if the wordpress plugin...
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    SQRL Foundation

    I like the idea of the SQRL Fundation, specially for the promotion effort, and to help it be implemented in more and more platforms. I do have the opinion that as much as possible should be self hosted and don't depend on any third party's... that may not even support SQRL! For community...
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    Another advantage of SQRL

    That idea of signing the domains or something to identify it self to the user in a way others can't spoof easily does have a problem, the client needs to store that somewhere. And SQRL author is known for not wanting any feature that implies to have clients to store anything else other than what...
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    Proposal to address the question raised during Gothenburg, Sweden Meetup about preventing a DDOS from computationally cheap SQRL clients

    I will trow a really bad idea now =) Is the site under attack? Are "they" creating accounts like there is no tomorrow? No problem! Make the client produce a random RSA key with a random value between 4000 and 6000 bit, create the cert with a personalized "CN" and "serial number" value, and send...
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    Wordpress SQRL login

    I don't understand PHP coding, but I also have two Wordpress sites, and I'm hopping for a plugin to be made available so that I can start using SQRL on my web sites.
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    How is offline login solved?

    I think the true solution will be equipment's to support SQRL, through software prepared for it, to send the communication to third party devices (tablet, smartphone, dedicated SQRL authentication hardware, ...) using USB/ NFC/ Bluetooth. Basically the same way browsers communicate with FIDO2...
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    SQRL is using DNS to perform update checks?

    Did I hear correctly on the podcast that SQRL is using the DNS infrastructure itself to check in a light weigh matter if there are new versions? Wouldn't be a good idea to have GRC web server to use DNSSEC? To prevent third party's from spoofing the results.