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    User bug report

    Thanks for the quick response. I decided to go back to my original configuration of allowing localhost on a per-site basis. I just have to remember that if I get the No Spoof Protection warning to make sure I allow localhost and I may have to disable HTTPS Everywhere for the site also; assuming...
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    User bug report

    I believe this was a test site that used to not work. Glad you was finally able to update it and get it working. I did have to disable HTTPS Everywhere and Allow Localhost via uBlock Origin on the test site to get the Anti-Spoof Protection to work. The site works fine now. I only created a...
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    Android v0.16.0

    I just tried the latest release (0.16.0) and it worked perfectly. The bug that used to require 2 attempts to log in successfully has been fixed. I haven't tried any of the other features in a while, but assume there are no problems. You must be close to going 1.0 and moving it out of beta.
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    Needing to scan login twice

    It took me 2 attempts to login to this site. I click the login button on the site Moved my cursor on the QR code to enlarge it I launched the app on my phone, Clicked the blue SQRL button Pointed my camera at the QR code. Typed the full password; I clicked the button to show password (making...
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    Needing to scan login twice

    I have to scan the code twice to get the app to log me in too. I am not sure if this has anything to do with it, but the first attempt I have to type the full password and I make it visible to be sure I type it correctly. The second attempt I type the short version without it being visible. I...
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    Android v0.13.3

    Just tested v0.13.3... Glad to see that the bug where we get an error when we cancel export > save identity has been fixed. It would be nice if there was an option to change background image on the main screen. I have no idea what that image is.... looks like a walking trail in the woods lol
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    Resolved Safe to remove password?

    Ok I did it. It is nice that we need to confirm with our SQRL id before deleting and we confirm once more to have the site delete the password.
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    Resolved Safe to remove password?

    It has been 2 weeks since I created this account and have not lost the SQRL association. I am planning to remove the password and rely solely on my SQRL id to log in. I will leave the email address; in case I get locked out and I need Steve to set a temporary password and send it to me. I will...
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    Nothing in the SQRL client UI which lets you delete an identity.

    I agree that there are times when you want to delete an identity from a device, especially phones. People abandon phones and get new ones all the time.
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    Separate text for ID recovery

    Thanks for clearing it up.
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    Separate text for ID recovery

    Okay I figured out what is going on.... when we import an identity, it seems to change the textual info even though it is the same identity. I have imported the same identity 3 times under different names and the have different textual info. I never noticed that until now. This was the first ID...
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    Separate text for ID recovery

    I just noticed something...Does the textual form of the identity recovery change every time we print it out? I have a printout of my identity. This is the one that I plan to make my permanent identity. I printed it out again to a pdf and noticed the text recovery part was different. Why? I must...
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    Other servers to test SQRL authentication

    I wasn't sure where to post this, since I did not know who setup these servers. Since SQRL is about complete and ready for the public, I decided to test the other SQRL servers not part of GRC. Btw, Steve, don't forget to enable the full rescue code when creating an identity before releasing it...
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    New account with SQRL association

    After I got locked out of my previous account (Jason), due to losing SQRL association and stupidly not creating a password or entering an email address. I decided it would probably be easier to just create a new account. This time I used a password and email address I then associated this...