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    FYI New App coming to TestFlight shortly.

    1st time account created at from iOS app v1-0-281-8396 without issue. Confirmed my limited info pulled into "My User Info".
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    Websites using SQRL

    Attempted to register, but just takes me to the regular email signup. Also, this confirmation is a little less than "friendly" and includes the scary bit at the end. After that it takes me to email/confirm and personal info i.e. regular acct signup.
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    Numpty loses identity on this forum

    What if it's not this forum, but your MegaBank account? Should someone claiming to be you, knowing the site user-id and pwd (that you added in addition to your SQRL Login be able to "associate" a new SQRL Login even if they also know whatever other personal info you added to the site? If an...
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    Physical storage for my SQRL identity

    @Simon9 For your SQRL ID, I suggest printing a reduced size image of the QR and affixing it to something with some unrelated information for security through obscurity. I think you could do that easily with a laser printed image. Today, I thought about having some small stickers made.
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    Physical storage for my SQRL identity

    Simon9. Like you, I want the ability to lose everything, and still recover my SQRL Id as quickly as possible. Of course, any other device(s) with the user's Id also are digital copies/backups. For me, my wife and my phone's have copies of both our Id's. I also have printed copies and...
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    Problems with Button Text.

    Increased contrast has exactly the same effect on my iPhone SE. I think you found a bug in iOS. I tried a few of the other options like Reduce Transparency and Larger Text and Button Shapes to see if those might counter the contrast impact, but no. I have never tried any of these, so really...
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    Getting traction

    I think it will be unlikely for any major Website/service to implement SQRL until there are at lease several hundred thousand users of the apps. It could happen, but I seriously doubt it. I think a stealth campaign is the only way to get to a critical mass that cannot be ignored. I thinks...
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    Problems with Button Text.

    I'm going to go out on a limb and say this is a device issue (yours). I also have the same OS ver on an iPhone SE with no issue. Possibly the images were on a section of bad memory that is no longer available. I assume if you rotate the phone to landscape, the labels are still missing. If...
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    Windows Defender quarantines SQRL as Unwaders.A!ml

    Joined the VirusTotal community. Uploaded both v69 installer and SQRL.exe. added a comment and upvoted both as well as If anyone else has the time, I suggest doing the same.
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    Windows Defender quarantines SQRL as Unwaders.A!ml

    Definitions updated to 1.296.977.0 today, but no change in quarantine. Once quarantined, I don't know if WinDef would auto restore even if definitions updated to eliminate the false positive. I restored the quarantined file this morning, launched SQRL manually, and attempted to check for...
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    Windows Defender quarantines SQRL as Unwaders.A!ml

    Confirmed same version Defender on Win10 x64 1809. But SQRL update applied today was quarantined with same warning for Unwaders.A!ml
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    SQRL password advice

    You bring up an excellent point. However, I think Steve's SQRL client guide "Help" > Learn more about SQRL covers this very well and about as succinctly as possible: "... You decide how much login protection you need. You choose your own password of whatever length and complexity you desire. To...
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    SQRL Signing Update

    my 2c added
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    Here's what happened with Release #65... (we're NOW at #66!)

    you're right! I was the one that forgot... that I turned on Windows protected folders feature. sorry for the false alarm!
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    Here's what happened with Release #65... (we're NOW at #66!)

    hmm. reported problem was on a recent i3 HP consumer box. same update process on a very old AMD machine did not "forget" my password (which I have as the same on all devices) and also did not lose my 2nd/test identity. Ghost in the (i3) Machine?