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    What would an adoption roadmap look like?

    Sounds like a great usage, instead of a "security question" OR the SMS "security code", having SQRL work as the "security challenge" app. I wonder if that term would have traction? Marketing SQRL as a Security Challenger.
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    Wordpress SQRL login

    Indeed, even Facebook uses ReasonML, a syntax extension for the OCaml language, rather than creating an entirely new language. There are free video tutorials and a whole book online to learn it.
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    How is offline login solved?

    This sounds more like an entire redesign than a suggested way to "solve" one question. I mean, it's nice that you turned up, but doing so after SQRL has gone through 5 years of development and reached a stable v1.0 is rather unfortunate timing, considering Steve has promised to shift most of his...
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    SQRL Deployment Services

    I'd just like to point out that if the API is already in 'C', then it's already possible (able? I've yet to test it myself) to be used on any webserver running node.js by compiling that C implementation to WASM. See Maybe not...
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    Failed Updates...

    Did you choose to install SQRL or just run the .exe file directly?
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    Icon for "Clear QuickPass" activity

    This tells me my SQRL can be tumble-dried.
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    SQRL Survived Win Update to 1903

    The update aborted when it detected a thumbdrive in one of my laptop USB ports. Retried after unplugging it, and the updated completed without a hitch. Only now when I plug in the thumbdrive it's given the letter "D" instead of "E". The CD/DVD tray still works, but "D" isn't reserved for it. I...
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    Suggest adding link to download instead of update

    This would also solve the issue of needing the link when getting the update notification in the mode of running sqrl.exe without installing it.
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    Where to download?

    Perhaps it's an idea that clicking the [OK] button on the No Install mode update notification sends the user to that page instead of doing nothing.
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    Where to download?

    Indeed. After downloading SQRL and running it in "No Install" mode from my downloads folder, I forgot where I downloaded it from which was a problem when it notified me that I needed the new version. In "No Install" mode it doesn't self-update, but the notification also doesn't tell the user...
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    GRC's SQRL client for Windows is at Release Candidate #1

    It doesn't help that the word "pass" is in constant competition with the word "set" for the most definitions in every dictionary.
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    This logon page has expired

    Uh-oh, this looks like something nontrivial to fix. Maybe it shouldn't be until after the 1.0 release if we want that to happen before Christmas.
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    an optimized SVG of the blue SQRL icon

    Indeed, if you drop the off the beginning of the URL, then the remembers to never show the dialog again. It's a balance of putting up with dismissing the dialog every time on versus the SVG being gone whenever...
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    Yubikey instead of password?

    Unfortunately the first gen Yubikey doesn't have that mode. If you scroll all the way to the bottom of the page at the earliest product they mention (VIP) came after the version I have, so OTP is all it supports. I installed the...
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    Yubikey instead of password?

    For those of us too paranoid to have the extension remember the identity password, I'd like to just tap my Yubikey each time instead of typing the password in manually. There are a number of protocols supported, the oldest one being the Yubico OTP which I have the first gen Yubikey working with...