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    Rekey Failed

    Hi! I would also like to test the identity-rekey function but I could not find it anywhere in the App. I would be happy if someone could help where to find the function. Thanks!
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    The "SQRL Explained" document exists

    Hi Steve! Can you say, when the "SQRL-Implementation" document will be finished? Thank you!
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    Account options

    Hi! I have tried to lock my account with the Android App, but it does not work ...
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    Unable to connect to website

    Thank you all very much for your answers. - I turned off firewall and virus scanner but it made no difference. - I have not yet implemented the cps-mode but I don't think, this is the reason for the error. I also get a spoof-warning. Maybe because of the non-cps-mode? - The server gets no...
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    Unable to connect to website

    I am implementing a sqrl-server. Authenticating to it with Daniel Persson's Android-app works. If I use GRC's Sqrl-App I get the following error (see picture). Does anyone know why this error occurs?
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    Deactivate or delete a sqrl account

    Hi! Sqrl-Login works great with the app. I have tried to deactivate or delete the sqrl account but it didnt work. It connects to the server and it never ends. Am I doing something wrong?