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    FYI Paper on the comparison of SQRL and FIDO2, comments appreciated!

    Presumably you have mentioned this to @Steve.
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    Closed Please test a new SQRL-enabled site.

    Worked fine! Logged in on a desktop using both the GRC version and scanning the QR code with the Android app. The only hiccup is that, when I choose "Logout", the log back in options do not include SQRL.
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    Potential new SQRL feature

    Presumably, you have read the SQRL ESSENTIALS forum. For a real "deep dive" there is always SQRL Explained.
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    Potential new SQRL feature

    As expected/hoped, SQRL never sends anything of value, ever. The SQRL user is identified by their public key (public, by definition) and the proof of identity challenge is simply a server-generated nonce that the client is asked to sign using the corresponding private key and return the signed...
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    Chemo Brain

    Click on your profile picture in the upper right corner and select "Connected accounts".
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    Can't disassociate

    Good luck getting that change. I don't know about Rasmus, but @Steve has definitely moved on.
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    Multiple password confusion

    Personally, I use the same password on multiple devices. Though it has been mentioned that someone might factor in the relative difficulty of entering a complex password on a mobile device versus that of doing so on a system with a proper keyboard and select platform-relative passwords. Also...
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    Can't disassociate

    Or you could just FALL on your Katana and ask @Steve to help. ;-)
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    Can't disassociate

    Interesting, thanks! Though I was not offering an opinion on how it SHOULD work (I can see both sides of the argument), I was merely refreshing my/our memory on how it was designed. So, it "works as designed". I believe this particular question was heavily debated over the last few years...
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    Can't disassociate

    I had to check to be sure... says: So, if that HAD been invoked, you would not even be able to log in at all using just the user id and password.
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    Can't disassociate

    The only thing you did "wrong" was to lose the SQRL identity. SQRL is FAR more secure than user id and password. By design, the ONLY way to remove the SQRL identity is with the SQRL identity. If all it took to disassociate the SQRL identity from the account was the user id and password, then...
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    FYI Support SQRL for iOS development - Business Model

    See New App coming to TestFlight shortly
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    SQRL server base and sample implementation for Java not working with Windows Client

    FYI: I just tried 4 times with the GRC client without success.
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    Bare Metal SQRL

    Love it!