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    Password window closes in 2-3 seconds without user interaction

    Sounds like a candidate for a troubleshooting segment!
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    SQRL Windows client sign in

    That's above my pay grade. But, my guess is... Unlikely. @Steve wrote the GRC client as a proof of concept, to demonstrate the potential, and to serve as a reference implementation for other clients. He is anxious to get back to Spinrite, his bread and butter. There is nothing to prevent...
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    SQRL Windows client sign in

    With SQRL, websites use no passwords. Your identity, stored on your computer, has to be protected by something... Fingerprint, face, iris, password,... Something. With the windows client, it is a password. Your password should be very secure. But, the more secure it is, the more of a pain it is...
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    Password window closes in 2-3 seconds without user interaction

    You should be able to get to settings without going through the password prompt by right-clicking on the :sqrl: icon in the system tray and selecting Manage SQRL.
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    App Home Background Image

    It does.
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    Good idea! Wordpress SQRL login

    Ok... That's cool. I had a little trouble logging BACK in. But I was able to log in and create an account.
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    Thanks for Sqrl

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    Ask feature used for spam?

    cc: @Jaap, @kalaspuffar, @Bert Put, @Jeffa, @Steve It does raise an Interesting point!! Did all the clients remember to toSafeHtml(askMessage)?
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    Videos demonstrating SQRL

    Great job!! My only comment is that it starts instantly. It could absolutely just be me but, I felt almost like it started in the middle of something... As if maybe I missed something at the beginning. I actually backed it up to double check. If I'm not the only one, you might want to...
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    Is the Chrome ext not working yet?

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    How is offline login solved?

    @Gristle, did you see my post above?
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    Is it okay to use an old identity (2015) with the 1.0 version?

    Would re-exporting the old identity using the new client refresh the storage format and allow retaining the earlier identity?
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    Videos demonstrating SQRL

    Ah, the eternal struggle to find the perfect compromise between security and convenience. Perhaps a new client, or a new client version, will one day allow 0 rather than 1. For today, if typing a single character represents too great an obstacle, perhaps SQRL is not the solution you are...
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    Videos demonstrating SQRL

    When I make an ATM withdrawal and then try to make a second withdrawal in the same session, it asks for my pin again. This is to make sure that it is still me and not that I drove away without logging out and now someone else is requesting the second withdrawal. The use of the quick pass is...