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  • New Wordpress Plug-In Forum

    Just a note that we have a new forum to contain discussions relating to the Wordpress plug-in which Daniel Persson originated and has been making great progress on. You'll find it under "Server-Side Solutions."

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    SQRL is in trouble .. if we don't simplify identity creation.

    I had an argument with the head technical guy in our IT department about the fact that, mandating any kind of "1 upper, 1 lower, 1 numeric, 1 special character" does not increase the security of the password, it defines the attack surface for any bad actors. But, he knows when he's right and...
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    POLL: How did you backup your SQRL identity?

    Maybe... squirrel it away somewhere?
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    Closed No longer contributing to this forum due to harassment from PHolder.

    Also, for the record, while I have had "my identity" since April 2016, I have not ruled out the notion that, once it actually takes off, I might re-key or even generate a new "real" one which I would treat more conservatively.
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    Closed No longer contributing to this forum due to harassment from PHolder.

    Someone mentioned that they stored their rescue code as faux phone numbers for a fictitious contact in their contacts list. In light of that, it might be interesting to add another category like "Other (I got super creative)" to the poll. Personally, I favor also using a PGP-encrypted file on...
  5. Dave Core Middleware

    @TechLiam, That's awesome!! I love to hear that it is "that easy"! Oh, you are absolutely right! We want this to be as simple and as ubiquitous as possible! And there is no shortage of opportunities. Great! Thanks! Smart!! We are fortunate to have so great many wise and dedicated...
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    Android SQRL App shortcuts

    As we established over in git-town, I don't know what I am talking about in the Android realm. But a really superficial scan through ShortcutInfo and PersistableBundle left me with the impression that it might be possible to have an app shortcut that wasn't just essentially an alternate entry...
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    Off topic SandboxIE is moving to free/open source

    Thanks! I used to use it a lot before Windoze 10 added a real sandbox.
  8. Dave

    Size of textual version

    Ask @Steve over in the SQRL Newsgroup?
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    Android v1.5.0

    I think it should stand out more like the password does.
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    Android v1.5.0

    So it is! I looked right at that (without reading the words) and assumed it was a column heading for the radio buttons!! D'OH!! Stupid user tricks or another "opportunity to excel" for the UX design?
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    Android v1.5.0

    Very cool! Though, it begs the rhetorical question: Can I create a shortcut that selects a specific identity and Alt-Id? In addition to the convenience, that might provide some of what some folks are looking for when they ask for the client to remember Alt-Id's. Obviously, that is NOT going...
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    Android v1.5.0

    Where did Alt-Id's move to in the latest UX? I am running 1.5.0 and have not been able to find it.
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    Missing identity identifier

    Well, THAT took on a life of its own! :) Thanks guys! I hadn't tried to think it through that far. I just thought that whatever you were looking for to associate some additional data with a specific identity could be represented as a an unbound blob that contained the binding information...
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    Missing identity identifier

    While less elegant than your implied suggestion, couldn't the identity that additional information is bound to be embedded with same?