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    Videos demonstrating SQRL

    I don't know if I will keep this after SQRL is out in the world, but for now I have the long SQRL password saved in LastPass. LastPass is biometric enabled so SQRL is as well. Once there are lots of sites using SQRL I may decide that keeping the full password for SQRL in LP is not a good idea...
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    Android v1.1.0

    No problems here. 1.1 is working great on my GS7.
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    GRC's SQRL Client for Windows, v1.0: Released

    Uninstalled sqrl (which had autoupdated to 72), downloaded the release track version and installed it. Logged in by clicking the QR on this page and entering my password. Worked fine. Logged out and logged back in with the android client. Had to enter the whole password to log in but it went...
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    SQRL Merch

    Sokay, my bubble is armored, but while I agree that this isn't gonna happen soon, why do you think it will never happen? All the commerce sites are is a rough spot trying to keep information about users secure, and this would make it all but unnecessary to do so. Obviously this is mountain...
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    SQRL Merch

    Just ordered one of these shrts with the logo and "Simply secure". This is gonna be a SQRL summer and I want to ready for it. If we could get it on Amazon (SQRL, not the Merch) we would be made in the shade. That should be a priority. Wordpress and Amazon.