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    Account disabled issue

    Was checking to see if I could login to an account by password, when a given account has a sqrl identify associated, and the sqrl identity is disabled, but the option sqrl_only is not set. The expected behavior was to be successfully logged in by password. The resulting behavior however is...
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    "Possible Login Attack Detected"

    Okay, I think I located why the "Possible Login Attack Detected" happens. It turns out the client provided session response is NOT returned if you attempt to login with an identity NOT associated with any accounts, and account creation is disabled, resulting in that situation, where the client...
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    Ask feature used for spam?

    Yeah, it did in fact pop up multiple times, for as long as the script was running.
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    Ask feature used for spam?

    I tested the script with firefox, and actually got it to do repeated jumping, via that method. Chrome seems to behave the same way as well. It seems to only stop the javascripts if the jump is actually to something that will open in that browser window instance. Regardless, it would be nice...
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    Ask feature used for spam?

    <script> function update() { //Load a random sqrl:// link, to trigger the client with a prompt, and essentially deny use of the machine //while this prompt is up, (as long as Darken screen is set as per recommendation). window.location.href =...
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    We're at Release #67 (GRC's SQRL client 2nd release candidate)

    That is the end result of my Rescue code only paper backup, when sent to FinePrint, (a virtual printer that allows combining multiple print jobs into one, and also allows for saving paper by printing multiple sheets onto one page, (up to 8 pages on one sheet of paper). This issue doesn't...