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    FYI New App coming to TestFlight shortly.

    Looking really good! Can't wait to get the new stuff.
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    Hardware hackers, here's your chance to make a SQRL dongle of some sort

    I must be missing the use case of a special SQRL specific token. A client should be able to support a lot of the existing tokens if they wanted to. The actual password verification would probably be prohibitive on a token given the memory-hard nature of EnScrypt I already am using a yubikey...
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    POLL: How did you backup your SQRL identity?

    My paper copy was done in the same way that my OTP codes are. In a binder in a safety deposit box. In the event of failure of all devices I just have to go get my binder and start scanning.
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    Release v1.1.1

    After upgrading version I found that I had to manually clear cache, prior to that I had been getting the attached protocol error. It seems there is an issue with Object Caching with W3 Total Cache which was enabled by default by my provider.
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    Alt-ID & My use cases

    8 Alt-ID Support Core Feature Pending decision None From your list I see Alt-ID is listed as Pending decision. I would really like to see this feature. I am already using 1 alternate ID regularly. I move my blog (well revived it from an abandoned state) so I could use the SQRL plugin. My...