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    Please allow password display when changing passwords.

    Yep, that's definitely a valid complaint. I've posted a Github issue:
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    Website login issue

    Hi @michaelm, and thanks for taking the time to report this issue. First question: Can you reproduce it? Like @Carl said, this definitely looks like someone was messing with the x= parameter right at the time when you were hitting the "login with sqrl" button. If you *can* reproduce it...
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    Dubious Lastpass interaction.

    I am also using LastPass with the Android app and, while the experience could definitely use some more polish, it generally works OK for me. By that I mean that it offers to save the password the first time, saves it successfully in my vault, and then lets me paste it using the LastPass...
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    UI Security Bug

    Thanks for providing more details, @Cyber Axe. I've created an issue on the Github repo for this, and I'll look into a possible mitigation once time permits.
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    Chemo Brain

    Hey @bevhoward, you can indeed reset your password using the newly found rescue code. In the Android client, just go to: Main menu (three dots) -> Identity Settings -> Gear Icon -> Password Options -> Reset Password Hope this helps!
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    Can't disassociate

    To me, it seems like as long as the sqrlonly flag is NOT set, the Xenforo plugin should offer a way to simply disassociate a SQRL id when logging in with username and password. Done.
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    Can't disassociate

    Yes, that's why I carefully chose to say "a choice for forgiveness"!
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    Can't disassociate

    E X A C T L Y ! You're speaking my mind, @Jeffa. I know too many people even just here in our little community that were bit hard by this already (including me), and I consider myself a rather organized person. So I totally agree that we NEED a way to provide a choice for forgiveness. BTW: I...
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    UI Security Bug

    @PHolder no, this is standard Android behaviour when using the widget in conjunction with android:inputType="textPassword". We could of course hide the password programmatically when clicking on "Login", but I would like to understand the issue...
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    UI Security Bug

    @Cyber Axe, I've just tried reproducing the issue but wasn't able to trigger what you've described. Could you please provide more detailled instructions and also let us know what device/android version/app version you are using?
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    Linux Testing Feedback

    @adamsmith34, thanks for testing the client on Linux and for taking the time to report your findings. As for the notification icon scaling problem, we already have a pending issue for this on Github, please see
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    Mac OSX Testing Feedback

    Thanks for the nice feedback @brianallenlevine, glad that you like it so far. Test releases are "hidden" by default from both the installer and the client when searching for new releases. Now, there's an interesting constellation here when you download the "cutting edge" installer from the test...
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    help set up sqrl in ios how do I export to windows?

    @Gordon S, would you please elaborate on what exactly you've done up to now so that we can help you with the next steps? Am I correct in assuming from your post that you have created an identity using @Jeffa's iOS client and now want to export this identity to your windows PC?
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    OpenAPI spec

    Looks like a great project, @Mister Squishy! Unfortunately, having mostly written client-side code for SQRL, the SSP API is not my area of expertise, so I can't give any other useful feedback than to encourage you to keep it up! Maybe some of our server-side experts will find some time to...
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    Linux Testing Feedback

    @Alan M Cameron, just stopping by to let you know that all the bugs you've reported on Github have been fixed. Those fixes will be available with the next release, which shouldn't be too far away. Thanks again for all your efforts Alan, we really appreciate it!